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300t ship movement on Cometto MSPE 48t

The Italian company TER S.r.l. from San Miniato (PI), leading in ship and mega-yacht handling and transport, managed an impressive transportation project of a 300t ship with a Cometto self-propelled trailer type MSPE 48t.

Record pressure vessels moved on a Cometto MSPE

Italian engineering company Fagioli S.p.A. handled recently the transport of two huge vessels.

Joachim Kolb strengthens Cometto

Joachim Kolb is the new member of Cometto's sales team.

Cometto MSPE excels in harsh conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Recently, four modular combinations of Cometto self-propelled trailers MSPE 40t in side-by-side configuration have been involved in heavy duty movements by customer Marine Maroc.

Cometto offers the key solution for Servicios Siderúrgicos Integrales (SSI)

Things are moving fast at Cometto and many deliveries could be managed the last months. In the field of special transporters for the steel industry, a straddle carrier type MTH30 has now been manufactured for the Spanish customer Servicios Sidrúrgicos Integrales (SSI).

The MTH is the modern concept of straddle carriers, designed to transport very long loads in industrial applications (i.e. billets, tubes, etc.). This Cometto trailer represents the key solution for the pallets logistic within steelwork sites. The special version from SSI is characterized by its inside lifting stroke that allows to stack two pallets. The main application field for the Spanish customer is to move steel and stainless steel bars. The MTH is equipped with a combined pneumatic-mechanic suspension and an hydraulic steering system with a maximum steering angle of 30°.

An impressive feature of this special vehicle is the gantry structure with its high cabin that allows an optimal control by the operator both during the loading/unloading process and during the driving process. The cabin is equipped with an active rotatable driver’s seat and control devices to check all the operation in either driving direction.

Straddle carrier Grupo SSI SP Ch. 15204 d 1

SSI handles all types of goods throughout ports and is present in 26 ports in Spain. It is a part of the group Bergé Logistics, the reference player in multimodal logistic services. The group has also a strong presence in Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Bergé Logistics integrates the entire value chain to transport and facilitate the movement of goods and products. They are specialized in different areas: port operations, vehicle logistics, value-added logistics & external services and shipping.

Cometto is ready for all the challenges and offers special transport solutions for any type of challenge!