• COMETTO HT - Electric modular transporters

Handling Technologies


Cometto HT EMT

EMT is a self-propelled fully electric platform designed for in-plant heavy duty logistics.
It is designed for use in internal and external environments thanks to its wide cushion tyres and hydraulic suspensions.
The standard 2-axle vehicle has a capacity of 18 ton and the 3-axle model has a capacity of 28 t.
EMT is controlled by remote control, but is also available with a self-driving AGV system.
The main features are: the electronic steering (360°), lithium battery pack (48V) with a long working range, the long stroke of the suspension (420mm) and the self-loading capability.
The dimensions and capacity of the EMT can be customized to meet the requirements of customers.

Designed for any kind of in-plant applications: production line, logistics, stocking area, mobile machining stations; in many industrial sectors: aviation, mechanical industry, nuclear, railway industry etc…




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